In support of International Day of Women and Girls in Science




Today is International Day of Women and Girls in Science. Being a company that believes in and promotes the cause of women in all endeavours, we at Springfield Group wish to congratulate women and Girls across the world and encourage them to be single-minded in pursuing their dreams, regardless of the challenges. In the following article, we share the experience of one of our own, Louisa, whose tenacity and desire to achieve her goal in life has finally led her to ‘her love’.


I am Louisa Asu, Geologist at Springfield E& P. I have been working with Springfield for a little over 2 years now. 

I currently work as a petrophysicist looking at existing well data on the Springfield acreage. I am part of the exploration and production subsurface team and my job is to analyze and interpret logs from wells on the block to help understand the reservoir and fluid properties. 

I have a BSc in Geology from the University of Ghana, Legon. I entered the University as a Computer Science major with a minor in mathematics. However Geology found me one afternoon in a Geol 101 faculty required lecture, and it’s been a love affair ever since. I took a chance with a course I did not know about it until that first lecture. The semester ended and I made a decision, I changed my major, Yes!!! I did. I became a Geology major. 

I graduated in 2012 and had my National Service with GNPC as a trainee Geologist. 

After this period it took everything in me to not give up on the passion of being a Geologist brought to me. I tried getting a job right after my national service and it was always NO!! REJECTED!! My faith, motivation and perseverance was tested, it took everything in me to believe that I was going through a phase and it could get better. This time I was looking for a job in all sectors not just oil and gas , I got a job as a sales and marketing executive at a renowned food and beverage company. I had some money coming in, I was comfortable but I was not happy with my job. I remember on the interview panel for the sales job , the head of sales told me he thinks I made a wrong course choice in school, 


1) because I am a woman and it’s a man’s world in that industry. 


2) it’s a course specific to an industry which is not particularly easy to get into. 

He felt I appealed more to him as a well spoken sales person. 

I agreed with him then but, today I have a different view. 

I eased into the new role, just when I felt like giving up totally on my goal, I got an offer to pursue MSc. Petroleum Geoscience in the University of Aberdeen, Scotland. I received a fully funded scholarship from the GNPC foundation. 

“A bird in hand is worth two in the bush “ this statement is true but also very limiting. I would still be in the sales role if I had actually followed that saying. I quit the sales job 3 months in and left for Aberdeen not knowing if this industry that rejected me so many times would finally give me a chance after my masters degree. I let the bird in my hand go in pursuit of other birds. I finished my degree in November 2015 and came back home to find a job. My first interview was in October 2016 with Springfield Group, the wait was not easy but it was worth it, I got the job, started work right away. 

Here I am now 2 years after a Geologist enjoying every task challenge and hurdle my job brings. 

I am appreciated and treated equally as every man here. My thoughts, views and ideas matter and are taken into account. 

Science is not a man’s world, women have been in science as far back as men have been, we have contributed immensely as men have. To mention a couple Marie Curie, physicist and Mary Anning, Paleontologist. 

As a woman all you need is that can do spirit, never giving up attitude, open-mindedness, willing to learn and strong. It’s a tough world out there. Never underestimate your capabilities. 

I am still on a journey, I am learning, developing skills, broadening my knowledge and most important of all Never Giving Up !!!  

Don’t be afraid to take risks , they can be very rewarding. I hope my story inspires someone out there going through the rejection phase. It can only get better, remember that. Keep that flame of hope burning.