Our Values

 Springfield employees share core values of commitment, ambition, expertise, strategy, good governance and resilience.

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These values are showcased in our behaviours and the responsibilities we owe to our various stakeholders.

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Our responsibilities to our stakeholders:


Our employees

We care about our employees, particularly their health, safety and security.


Our Shareholders

We work hard to protect shareholders’ investments and provide long-term earnings competitive with what other leading companies in the industry have to offer.


Our Customers

We endeavour to respect and retain our customers by developing and providing products and services that offer value in terms of safety, quality and price.


Our business associates

We adhere to fair business practices, including meeting our commitments and obligations. We recognise the importance of the ethics policies of our customers, suppliers, partners and other stakeholders.


Our Community

We respect each individual as well as the communities and cultures of the countries in which we do business. We observe and adhere to the laws of the countries in which we operate and trade.


Our Environment

We respect and care about the environment and take steps to operate in a sustainable manner that affects it positively.