Springfield Corporate Investments

Attending to the welfare and development of individuals in society, with special attention to those from less privileged backgrounds, is integral to our business values.

Our Corperate Investments

Springfield believes in sustainable economic growth, sound community relations and social investment for the education, health and welfare of communities in Ghana, especially those living close to, or are directly impacted by our operations. Springfield will establish a Fund to manage our investments in the communities.


Promoting Education

We strongly believe education is a prerequisite for growth of the individual and of our society. With this in mind, we seek to empower underprivileged individuals by creating initiatives for their progress in the areas of education, skills development, and business support. The Springfield seeks to sponsor brilliant, but disadvantaged individuals, (especially girls) who have completed their elementary, secondary and/or tertiary education, but are unable to afford the means to further their studies. By investing in the individual’s education, we seek to improve the person’s growth and success and the nation as a whole. Criteria for eligibility is very robust. The Fund will provide career guidance counsellor(s) for selected participants to guide and assist them on the right choice of courses.

Currently, we are sponsoring the education of girls at the vocational and tertiary levels in Ghana.


Promoting Health

Supporting communities in which we operate, by collaborating with the national and regional health authorities to initiate projects and programmes, ensures improved access to healthcare for our communities.

Springield through its CSI has been working very assiduously in this area and been instrumental in giving back life to critically ill children and adults. So far, we have sponsored 31 successful heart surgeries (mostly infants) who could have died due to lack of funds to pay for their medical treatment.

Similar financial support has been provided to the Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital, a tertiary-level referral health complex in Ghana (and one of the foremost health institutions in West Africa accessed by neighbouring countries) where on regular basis financial assistance is extended to indigent patients who are unable to pay for their bills. This has been achieved through an on-going relationship with the National Cardiothoracic Centre. Currently, a number of similar applications are being processed for financial support to children and adults from across the regions of Ghana to undergo surgery. 

Wards at the Korle-Bu Hospital are also on our  list of beneficiaries that receive funding for maintenance and routine care of patients.

Springfield has also been financially supporting the Intensive Care Unit of the 37 Military Hospital  since 2013 for the procurement of emergency medication stock up, equipment replacement and to cover the bills of some individuals who aren’t able to pay for accessed healthcare and are subsequently abandoned by their families.