Social Investment Policy



Our social investment policy is premised on a belief that natural resources are for the collective benefit of all Ghanaians and that the communities in which we operate need to feel the positive impacts of our operations. We approach this by integrating achievement of our focus Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) into our operations in order to ensure better living standards for all people. Our focus SDGs are Affordable and Clean Energy, Ending Poverty, Good health and wellbeing, Quality education, Gender Equality, Life below water, Decent Work and Economic Growth and of course building partnerships for the goals.

 We focus our social investments on communities we directly operate in as well as on the national level. Social investments are going to be made via our Community Development Fund, which will be mandated to carry out long-term social investments in identified priority areas that enhance living standards and foster all-inclusive sustainable development. Social investment decisions will be made after consultations with the communities to identify the priority areas unique to each community as studies have shown this approach provides the most benefit to the people. The Fund will be managed by a carefully constituted board to ensure fair, equitable and economically prudent management

 Our social investment priority areas are:

Education: Education is the key to ending poverty, gender inequality and is the cornerstone of sustainable development. We seek to support the education of all, with a special focus on the girl child, from basic to tertiary level. We want to provide people with skills to enable them be inquisitive and curious in their test for knowledge that fuels creativity and innovation. We are going to establish scholarship schemes for deserving candidates and also support educational institutions at all levels whether by provision of infrastructure, books, computers, equipment or endowments.

Healthcare: Good healthcare improves quality of life and fuels social innovation. We provide health care to indigent individuals at hospitals who cannot afford healthcare. To this end, we have partnered with Korle Bu Teaching Hospital (specifically the Children’s ward) and 37 Military Hospital, Accra. Furthermore, we also pay for the supply of emergency medication stock for the ICU unit on a monthly basis at 37 Military Hospital. We also intend to facilitate access to health care services at local communities according to specific needs.

Job Creation: We will support projects that create jobs and build self-sustainability including skills acquisition programs that build local economies and entrepreneurial and leadership programs with a special focus on women- as the saying is “you feed a woman, you feed a family”.

Environmental Sustainability: We aim to carry out environmental awareness and clean up projects with a particular focus to marine areas. We will support conservation initiatives and participate in disaster relief efforts.

 We intend to form partnerships with stakeholders, NGOs, Local communities, governments, other businesses and individuals to implement our social investment policy. All social investments and the Community Development Fund will be administered and regulated in accordance with Springfield’s compliance policies to ensure good governance, credibility and trust.

In addition to social investments, Springfield’s operations and unique position as a wholly Ghanaian owned independent entity creates opportunities for local capacity development through its employment, knowledge transfer schemes as well as procurement principles that emphasize local content. Our aim is to aid sustainable development that is long lasting, self-sufficient which eliminates the culture of dependency in local communities.