Environment Health and Safety Policy



Every employee and contractor of Springfield Group has an individual responsibility to work in compliance with our Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) requirements.


The priority of the Springfield Group is to manage all aspects of our business in accordance with the highest standards of EHS based on the following principles;


  • Provide visible leadership on EHS matters by promoting best industry practices.


  • Actively work to build an attitude of safety awareness and accident prevention in all our employees and contractors by providing training, information and a disciplined approach to conducting operations in our facilities in a manner that safeguards people and assets, including those in the communities where we.


  • Ensure a systematic approach to EHS management by complying with local laws and regulations on Environment, Health and Safety in our facilities and products and apply industry best practises where such legislation do not exist.


  • Provide the resources necessary to implement this policy and to develop and maintain our EHS systems.
  • Commit to continual improvement of our EHS performance by setting objectives and targets and performing regular audits and reviews.
  • Ensure that environmental, health and safety safeguards command equal prominence with other business considerations in the decision-making.


  • Design and manage our activities to prevent pollution, minimise environmental and health impacts and provide work places where safety hazards have been fully assessed and appropriately mitigated.


  • Develop and implement emergency response procedures for our facilities and conduct periodic tests of their efffectiveness.


  • Commit to continual improvement of our EHS management system by regularly reviewing, measuring, verifying and assessing progress and compliance with this policy.


  • Act with integrity at all times.