CEO's Message

Kevin Okyere


Welcome to the Springfield Website. This message aims to give you a synopsis of the core values, beliefs and strategy of the Springfield Group. As a Group, our trajectory has been paved by a steeled commitment to the execution of contractual obligations to clients and partners with proven consistency that earned us a place in the downstream of the oil and gas sector within a relatively short time. Lessons from our downstream operations have taught us to stay the course until we achieve our goal, irrespective of the challenges. Collaborating with some principal actors in the upstream industry over the years has given us the motivation to learn the ropes and grow at a pace that only enhances our efficiency, timely execution and adherence to regulatory rules.

We have ventured into the upstream business at a time when the oil and gas industry is in transition as a result of the shale economy and geo-political conditions around the world, which have impacted greatly on players, regulators and users alike. Companies are exploring cleaner energy alternatives in recognition of the importance of protecting the environment and doing business in a sustainable manner. We are encouraged as we believe oil and gas is a driver of sustainable development and remains central to the global economy as a key pillar of the energy system. In recognition of the fact that energy is required for the attainment of the Sustainable Development Goals, we are currently forging a path where others have gone before us to contribute our quota to providing the world’s energy needs; Energy that will transform both local and global economies into sustainable development environments for people to achieve their right to better living standards.

The Springfield Group fully appreciates the challenges confronting governments within the West African sub-region and is therefore driven by the desire to harness the natural resources of Ghana and other African countries to improve on the living conditions of the citizenry. We are working carefully to integrate the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals into our core business operations by collaborating with stakeholders as well as leveraging our resources and our unique position as a wholly Ghanaian independent company in the sector in support of achievement of the goals. Whilst we realize that our activities will contribute to the entire spectrum of the SDGs, we have zeroed in our focus to certain SDGs namely: Affordable and Clean Energy, Ending Poverty, Good health and wellbeing, Quality education, Gender Equality, Life below water, Decent Work and Economic Growth and of course building partnerships for the goals.

 It is the reason why we take steps to roll out impactful policies under our sustainability and resource governance in partnership with key stakeholders like Non-Governmental and Community-Based Organizations, regulatory bodies, community leadership and local government authorities to ensure optimization of resource use.

We are focusing our energies on developing our natural gas fields as a cleaner source of energy for power generation, transportation, cooking and other domestic uses. We also intend to institute Community Development programs via our Community Development Fund with a primary aim of supporting societies by identifying the priority areas for development. We aim to build the capacity of the communities through knowledge transfer schemes and organizational capacity development based on defined training needs. We do not intend to approach by distributing funds as studies have shown this is not sustainable and also has adverse effects. We would rather make long term investments in our local communities that enhance their living standards, and enable them develop in an all-inclusive, organic and sustainable manner.

We recognize and appreciate our work force as our greatest asset. Our experienced workforce, capable as any within the industry, operates in conformity with industry best practices and always seeks to reduce our carbon footprint to ensure a safer and healthier environment in which hydrocarbon emissions are significantly kept low and the pursuit of better and safer energy options targeted.

Lastly, Springfield has upheld and will continue to uphold the fundamental tenets of transparency and openness in our business engagements; clear values of integrity, honesty and fairness. Our reputation and the support of all our stakeholders are key business assets that are fundamental to our long-term success.